80’s Special Edition: Howard The Duck

The 80’s was a special era in cinematic history. Whilst many fantastic films such as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and The Shining were made during this decade, it is also responsible for Mac and Me (a terrible E.T: The Extraterrestrial ripoff and Howard The Duck.

In in-depth analysis of the films plot-line makes it immediately obvious why Howard The Duck was included on Screen Rants ‘25 Worst Movies in Film History.’ It was nominated for seven Razzies. I’ve included a link to the trailer for your viewing (dis)pleasure:


The film tells the story of a wise-cracking, corporate job-holding, 3 foot tall anthropomorphic duck named Howard, who, whilst sitting in his recliner after a long hard day doing duck things, is transported to Earth.


This is not Earth as we know it to be though. For one thing, it is set in Cleveland, a city that in this film seems to be populated exclusively by stereotypes. One such stereotype is ‘rock chick’ Beverley, whom Howard rescues from thugs by using his special brand of Quack Foo. Desperate to return to his universe so that he can read publications like Playduck and Rolling Egg magazine, he enlists the help of scientists to little initial success.

Howard reading Playgirl magazine. Credit: The Recasts.com

The film is notorious for it’s inclusion of one of the most awkward sex scenes of all time. After going back to Beverley’s apartment, she begins to aggressively put the moves on him. He returns her interest by saying that he’s becoming interested in the human female form. This is doubly hilarious considering what the female ducks look like in Howard’s universe, but they are thankfully interrupted just before they get it on.

howard 2
Viewer discretion is advised.

After this foray into bestiality, Howard returns to his mission to get home. A malfunctioning ‘lunar spectroscope,’ the machine that inadvertently transported him to earth, transforms one of the scientists into the Dark Overlord of the Universe. The Overlord seeks domination over all other race’s in the universe, and in his original form looks exactly like what I imagine Trump to look like when he takes of his toupee.

Dark Overlord or Trump? You be the judge. Credit: Marvel Wiki


He also captures Beverley, pushing the already vaguely psychotic Howard over the edge. Later, he manages to rescue her and kill the Dark Overlord -in a fight that didn’t seem to be all that strenuous- by shooting him with an experimental ‘neutron disintegrator.’ 80’s pseudo-science was hilarious.

In order to prevent more Dark Overlords from arriving on Earth, which clearly didn’t work since Donald Trump is currently the President of America, he destroys the laser and ruins all chances of returning to the utopia that is Duckworld. Instead he settles for being a manager-cum-guitarist for Beverley and (we assume) finally consummates their gross relationship. I say gross because Howard is a misogynist and a pervert, not because I’m prejudiced against duck/human relationships, although if I’m being honest I totally am.


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