As a life-long collector of films that critics have deemed to be the worst kind of trash, I was inspired (as well as academically required) to write a blog that re-examines the worst Hollywood has to offer. Using an extremely scientific selection system combined with a humorous approach,  I’m going to select a few of my favorite of Screen Rants picks for ”The Worst Movies in Film History” and give them a second chance to rise from the toxic wasteland they were condemned to.

The rules for the films featured are as follows:

  • It has to have been made in the last three decades (the 80s were the Golden Age of unwatchable screen content.)
  • It has to have a critical rating lower than 20% on Rotten Tomatoes
  • It needs to have a cult- following on the internet.


the blog is not limited to bad film reviews however. I’m also inspired by the Razzies AKA the Oscars of bad movies, and will be featuring content inspired by their years of dedication to calling Hollywood out on it’s pretentiousness. Additional planned feature articles will focus on the nature of cult-cinema, as well as the recent Hollywood trend of reboots.

I hope that you enjoy my ‘musings,’ and please feel free to share yours in the comment section!